Jeff Koons//Newport Street Gallery

Last weekend I had the privilege to see an amazing collection of Jeff Koons’ work at the Newport Street Gallery in South East London. I’ve only been able to see a few of his works, but never a collection close to this size and variety. Even from his early career as an artist in the 70s, he began challenge the assumptions of art. Heavily inspired by Duchamp’s readymades, Koons’ own experimentation with readymades began with his obsession with inflatables, which became one of his most well known themes. His large inflatable balloon series experiments with durable materials such as steel, so shiny you can see yourself in the reflection. These sculptures are truly monumental. In addition, Popeye his inflatable pool toy series are designed to fool the eye. The pieces are cast in aluminum and painted, but look like vinyl. You could only imagine how heavy they are (well definitely heavier than the vinyl versions). The exhibit also features his infamous photographic series Made in Heaven with him and his then wife Ilona Staller as Everyman and Everywoman, and a monsterous pile of play-doh cast in aluminium simply held up by its own weight. The show is definitely one to see and it’s free! It closes on the 10th so make your way there this weekend.


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