Contemporary Art

Treats in the Streets x Jim Bachor

Wanksy via facebook

Wanksy via facebook

We can all admit it: Potholes suck. Not only are they bad for your tires and dangerous for cyclists, they are just overall eyesores. Some people just ignore them by driving around them, while others embrace them by simply changing them. You might have heard of the mysterious stylings of potholes by Wanksy, but have you heard of Chicago artist Jim Bachor? He fixes city potholes by filling them with themed mosaics for his series “Treats in the Streets”.

bachor bomb pop

bachor twin lime popiscle

bachor Amppari-mehujaa

bachor single scoop ice cream cone

bachor push up


Images via Bachor’s Facebook

For UK based street artist Wanksy, he spray painted penises around potholes that were being ignored by the city’s council in order to get them filled faster. Bachor goes for a less-obscene route, he uses hand-cut pieces of italian glass and marble to leave his mark on this world and also make this world a little prettier at the same time.

I’m a fan and I will be looking for his work when I’m back in Chicago in July! I can’t wait!


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