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Urban Geode x Paige Smith

Meet graphic designer, handbag entrepreneur, and artist Paige Smith aka A Common Name.

urban-1 smith

"Deranged Amalgamation" at Maker City LA

“Deranged Amalgamation” at Maker City LA


Geode #9 Downtown LA


Smith installing a geode

Geode #3 Downtown LA

Geode #3 Downtown LA

geodes la smiths

It’s particularly her Urban Geode street art series that drew me to her. Her sculptures are made entirely of hand cut or folded paper and resin casts putting them in nooks and crannies in buildings, walls, inside a pipe, and the interior of abandoned phone booths in Los Angeles and across the world. She says this installation acts as an invitation to look and discover things that are normally ignored to celebrate the beauty of urban space and to participate in a global treasure hunt.

She has also started a beta program for anyone to install geodes in their own cities. Some successful installations include Jordan, Turkey, South Africa, Korea, and France. Email here if you are interested. If you are also interested in supporting Smith’s project, please consider donating on her website.

Here is video of a panel of female street artists in LA featuring Smith, Kristy Sandoval, Anna Drumm and artist manager and publicist Heidi Johnson:


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