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Nicolas Cage is God

We all love to hate Nicolas Cage. No matter how many times National Treasure is on TV, I can’t help but sit there and watch the whole movie… every. single. time. Not only that but he seems to be dominating the internet one meme at a time. But none other are bigger fans of Nicolas Cage than Californians.

nicolas cage meme2

nicolas cage meme 6

nicolas cage meme 5


nicolas cage meme 4

nicolas cage meme 3

nicolas cage meme

Images from Google Search

What is it that makes us love Nicolas Cage so much? Is it his peculiar acting methods or odd personal life and hobbies? He collects comic books because he believes them to be the equivalent of today’s pagan mythology, suffers from vertigo, and has a tattoo of a monitor lizard wearing a silky top hat on his upper back. The bigger question is what ISN’T there to love about him?

Recently in San Francisco, California Nicolas Cage is God an exhibition of Cage-themed artworks opened for one Saturday evening. Ezra Croft, an avid fan of Nic Cage and creator of this exhibition posted Craigslist advertisements all over the world asking for contributions. He totalled at about 80 participants around the globe- both lovers and haters of Cage.

According to John Metcalfe, a correspondent for The Atlantic Cities attended the show, Nicolas Cage Is God, “just dominated the block. Long lines that formed early were patrolled by suit-wearing bouncers enforcing occupancy regulations. Inside, people were wearing creepy, eyeless Cage masks and the gaudy garb of the actor’s sad-sack hero from Raising Arizona. A burlesque dancer twirled her goods on stage wearing Cage-faced pasties.”

Here are some photographs from Metcalfe’s visit:

nicolas cage9 nicolas cage8 nicolas cage7 nicolas cage6 nicolas cage5 nicolas cage 4 nicolas cage3 nicolas cage2 nicolas cage

On a side note: I spent about one hour throughly enjoying looking at Nicolas Cage memes…no judgements.

Cheers to the man, the legend…Nicolas Cage.


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