Rage Against the Monet


Claude Monet’s Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat (1874), after Shannon punched it

In 2012, Andrew Shannon punched a hole into this Claude Monet painting valued at $10 million dollars at the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin. He was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison and is not allowed in a gallery for 15 months after his release. While speaking to authorities on the scene, he said he did it to “get back at the state” but during his trial he claimed he felt faint and simply fell into the painting. WELL, the video captured in the gallery has Shannon intentionally punching the painting for no reason while yelling at others inside of the gallery, and police also found a can a paint stripper on him. It didn’t take the jury too long to find him guilty.

Police also raided his apartment last April and found 48 stolen art works, books, and other items valued at €100,000.


CCTV footage of Shannon with a balled fist about to punch the painting

Talk about some nuts screwed loose…he must have really had some aggression towards impressionism.

The painting is now fully restored and hanging on the walls of the gallery once more.

Contemporary Art

Wall to Wall x Gallery 44


Hugh McBride’s “Three Graces”, 2014

From now until December 13th, Gallery 44 is hosting their annual Wall to Wall exhibition and sale of artwork by members (and their also celebrating their 35th anniversary!) Their opening/holiday party was on the 4th and I’m so sad I missed it. Interning at G44 these past few months has been a memorable experience and it’s always exciting to see the artwork members create. Unframed and framed photos are reasonably priced and a portion of funds raised support Gallery 44’s education and exhibitions programming.

Located in the 401 Richmond Building at Spadina and Richmond for those in Toronto.

Lot’s of work has gone into this exhibition so come visit and start your holiday shopping early…-ish haha