Contemporary Art

Wonderlust // Sarah Anne Johnson

After my internship at Stephen Bulger Gallery, I’ve got to say Sarah Anne Johnson was by far one of my favourite artists we represent. Specifically I loved her Wonderlust series which challenges the psychology and physicality of intimacy. She asked around for volunteers and friends to let her into their homes and take intimate photographs of them with their partners or just alone in the nude. She challenges the idea of straight photography because photography is more than what something looks like but it captures the feeling of the moment and that’s why she retouches photographs with paint, scratches, glitter- anything that recreates the intimacy she felt during her sessions.

Something about these photographs reveal something that is more organic and intimate than a regular nude photograph even though she manipulated them with mixed media. It feels as though we are invited in the same room with the subjects and Johnson, feeling the same emotional and physical closeness as we look into the lives and relationships of the subjects. Some argue that this series transgress the boundaries between private and public realms, stating that these images are too honest and too intimate- but Johnson balances this by using soft lighting and her use of painting, drawing, and collage.

Sparkles III, 2013 chromogenic print with glitter 28″ x 42″

splatter paint

Splatter Paint, 2013 chromogenic print with oil paint 30″ x 44″


Dripping Rainbow, 2013 chromogenic print with photospotting ink 28 x 42″


Burnt, 2013 burned chromogenic print 28″ x 42″


Kissing Gold, 2013 Unique chromogenic image with gold leaf


Green Room (Scratched Cloud), 2013 incised chromogenic print 27 7/8″ x 41 7/8″

Check out the rest of her work on Julie Saul Gallery and Stephen Bulger Gallery


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