Contemporary Art

Ren Ri // Beehive Art

Anyone who knows me knows I have an extreme fear of bees…like to the point where I will run away screaming like a little girl. But something about Ren Ri‘s beehive art leaves me feeling a little more comfortable with those nasty buggers. Ren Ri, who is an artist and beekeeper uses bees to construct natural sculptures. His series titled “Yuansu” in reference to the Chinese word for “element” turns bees into his very own worker/artist bees. First Ri builds transparent polyhedrons and cubes with an inner skeleton of wooden dowels where he puts queen bee (aka the epitome of evil) so that the worker bees work around her and then rotates the sculpture every seven days based on a roll of a dice in reference to the seven days of creation based on the Old Testament from The Bible. The rotation also affects the structure since the bees due to gravity will start constructing in different directions. This series is concerned with nature and human intervention- with the bees being the sole creators and Ri holding the role of a uninvolved provider- Ri works to eliminate the subjectivity of the artist and gives control to the bees.





Who knew bees could be this creative? I still think they’re gross…but I’ll deal with it.

Images via This is Colossal and Huffington Post


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