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Jon Rafman x 9 Eyes

Earlier this month I had the privilege to volunteer (aka get a free ticket) to Power Ball which is The Power Plant‘s yearly fundraiser which exhibited works by Christine Davis, CONFETTISYSTEM, and Jon Rafman, with performances by Oli Sorenson and Naomi Kashiwagi, and a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) exhibit. While in the Jon Rafman gallery I actually saw him, and while I didn’t speak to him the other volunteer I was with had an awkward run in with him. She didn’t know who he was and he was carrying around a little taxidermy dog that was attached to one of his pieces (he basically tore it off- fur still attached to the mattress haha) and reminded him he was not allowed to touch the artwork. He responded with a posh, “I’m allowed to…I’m the artist”.

His installations at Power Ball examined the effects of digital media on individual consciousness and social and cultural memory while exploring troll caves and how some online users arrange their lives for maximum internet-use. While I thought I thought this installation was interesting, I think his The Nine Eyes of Google Street View series is eye opening and reveals bizarre intimacies of our society in such a beautiful way by using the images captured by Google Street View cameras around the world.

Here are some of my favourites as well as some pictures I took from Power Ball:

john rafman 9 eyes21 john rafman 9 eyes20 john rafman 9 eyes19 john rafman 9 eyes18 john rafman 9 eyes17 john rafman 9 eyes16john rafman 9 eyes 12 john rafman 9 eyes10 john rafman 9 eyes 11john rafman 9 eyes 8 john rafman 9 eyes7 john rafman 9 eyes6 john rafman 9 eyes5john rafman 9 eyes 2john rafman 9 eyes 22

And his works from Power Ball:


Jon Rafman himself


Me on the Troll Throne

Me on the Troll Throne



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