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Artist Profile//Yayoi Kusama

yayoi kusama

Yayoi Kusama definitely has had an interesting life- exhibiting with Warhol, Segal, and Oldenburg as well as being one of Christies New York’s highest selling living female artist as of 2008 for a piece that sold for $5.1 million. Proclaimed the “Polka Dot Princess” she is a deeply talented and troubled artist. While focusing on painting, sculpture, performance art, and sculpture, her avant-garde pieces touches on feminism, minimalism, surrealism, art pop, and abstract expressionism and is in part autobiographical, sexual and psychological. She is best known for her psychedelic colours, patterns, and repetition. As a young child, Kusama experienced hallucinations, severe obsessive behaviour, and suicidal thoughts which lead her to admit herself in a mental institution later where she permanently spends her time now by choice. From here she produces art and initiated a successful writing career of novels, autobiographies, and poetry as well as produced works in films and fashion design such as Derek Lam and Louis Vuitton to name a couple.

“Polka-dots become movement… Polka dots are a way to infinity”

Her trademark polka dots or “infinity nets” are inspired directly by her hallucinations. Most recently, her infinity rooms/mirror rooms shown last year at David Zwirner in New York was one of the most Instagrammed art installations. Kusama has been working on this series since 1963 exhibiting in various other renowned galleries such as the Whitney. These art installations are lined with mirrored glass with neon coloured balls hanging from various heights on the ceiling so while the viewer is standing in the platform it gives the illusion of an infinite space.

kusama-infinity room

Infinity Room, “The Souls of a Million Lightyears Away”, (2013) via This Is Colossal

kusama fireflies on the water 2002

Kusuma in her Infinity Room, “Fireflies on the Water” (2002) via The Whitney

kusama infinity mirror room love forever

Infinity Room, “Love Forever” (1984) via DailyMail


“Love is Calling” (2013) via Skirt Sorbet


“Polka Dot Madness” via Art Boom


Kusama for Louis Vuitton via Arrested Motion


Kusama for Louis Vuitton via Arrested Motion

She truly has such an amazing mind and I can’t wait to experience her art first hand one day.



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