Contemporary Art, Culture

The Politically Correct Royals

If you tell me you’re not obsessed with the British Royal family, I’d say you were lying. You hardly ever see them doing anything even somewhat average and never do they ever look anything but perfect- a regal life us commoners can never achieve. Fortunate for us, Alison Jackson a Hampshire-born contemporary artist explores the cult of celebrity and our obsession with famous celebrities. Jackson’s series on the Royal family knocks them down a few notches and portrays them a little more like average people. She photographs uncanny doppelgangers in hilarious and intimate scenarios we’ve all thought about celebrities doing, but never have actually ever seen. Jackson challenges our perception of the image, the power of mediated imagery, and our desire to believe. Just imagine the Queen with her knickers around her ankles sitting on the Royal toilet…and now you can see it! You may actually have to take a double-take on some of these…

The Queen on the Loojackson4












Images via Alison Jackson’s website

Now tell me you didn’t believe half of them were real!


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