Performance Art//Uffizi

We’ve all heard stories of Pussy Riots and of the Russian performance artist who nailed his scrotum to the floor of the Red Square in Moscow earlier last year. But recently, its been a Spaniard who’s been making the news. Adrian Pino Olivera, 25, stripped naked in front of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and professed his love for the goddess with rose petals at Florence’s Uffizi Gallery as a part of series of short performances to disrupt public and formal places. But this raises the question of whether performance art, or contemporary art in general must be scandalous in order to reach audiences and become popular?

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M+ along Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island

The proposed M+ along Victoria Harbour on Hong Kong Island

It really is what it says it is. M+, or Museum+ is a cultural institution designed by world-renowned Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron famous for designing projects such as the Tate Modern in London, Beijing National Stadium, and Camp Nou in Barcelona to name a few. Recently, I met with Hugh Spencer from Museum Planning Partners in Toronto who has developed and planned some of Hong Kong’s cultural institutions himself.  He recommended that I look into this new museum, and I have to say I’m very impressed. I’ve always had a keen interest in exhibit planning and visitor experience and this museum is really something unique of its kind.

Located in West Kowloon- Hong Kong’s new cultural district- M+ is already deemed Hong Kong’s new cultural centre for modern visual culture specifically 20th-21st century art, architecture, design, and the moving image. The building itself is worthy of design recognition through its cultural connection to the city’s skyline with its multi-purpose screen for office space and as a display space to project artistic messages and images, and intentions for visitor involvement. Perhaps this is Hong Kong’s attempt to build cultural capital and define itself as a cultural city since its museums and other cultural institutions have struggled to compete on the world stage.

Watch the video and see what I mean for yourself:

M+ is truly a special kind of cultural institution and beyond what museums today offer. Although the museum is not expected to open until until late 2017, curators and the design team have created a “Mobile M+” exhibit called “Building M+: The Museum and Architecture Collection” meant to preview its collection of architectural models, drawings, renderings, and photographs at ArtisTree in Hong Kong. This collection also features original drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright and images of the Guangzhou Opera House by Iwan Baan. Read more here.

Next time I’m in Hong Kong, I will definitely be visiting M+.